Donner - Reed Tragedy by Ted Davidson


Looking East From Near [Donner] Pass
The cabins built and used by some of the party were beyond the east end of Truckee Lake (arrow). The trail followed the north (left) side of the lake, curved around the forested bowl west of the lake (hidden from view behind the granite ridge (left), zig-zagged up to and curved around a forested flat (center-right), and went up a steep V-shaped canyon heading west.



Sheer Granite Cliffs
Part of the sheer cliffs the trail passed in the steep granite-walled canyon section of the trail.




The Last Section to the Pass
Emerging from the steep, V-shaped granite-walled canyon [below Donner Peak, arrow-left top], the trail followed north of a seasonal streambed to a shallow pond. Then the trail turned south, climbing to a relatively smooth sheet of granite before disappearing behind a granite knob as it turned west to the pass (arrow-right).


Looking East --From Alder Creek to the Pass
The trail came from Alder Creek (behind dark, forested ridge on left) to their cabins near the far end of Truckee Lake; followed the north side of Truckee Lake; curved NW around forested bowl (behind granite ridge on left; after zig-zagging, curved around the forested flat (behind huge granite outcropping (center); came up the granite-walled canyon; went NW to a seasonal pond; turned south and climbed a granite ridge;disappeared behind granite knob (center right); emerged as it turned west to follow the talus toward the pass. ]


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